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FM 2019 Superettan Best Players Review, Profiles

Andreas Granqvist fm 2019 Andreas GranqvistD (C)
Aílton fm 2019 AíltonST (C)
Andreas Johansson fm 2019 Andreas JohanssonD (C), DM, M (C)
Rasmus Jönsson fm 2019 Rasmus JönssonAM (RLC), ST (C)
Claudio Pérez fm 2019 Claudio PérezD (C)
Pär Hansson fm 2019 Pär HanssonGK
Joel Allansson fm 2019 Joel AllanssonM (RLC)
Andri Rúnar Bjarnason fm 2019 Andri Rúnar BjarnasonAM (C), ST (C)
Mohammed Abubakari fm 2019 Mohammed AbubakariDM, M (C)
Hampus Nilsson fm 2019 Hampus NilssonGK
Markus Holgersson fm 2019 Markus HolgerssonD (RC)
Tibor Joza fm 2019 Tibor JozaD (RC)
Ousmane Camara fm 2019 Ousmane CamaraM (R), AM (RL)
Mamudo Moro fm 2019 Mamudo MoroAM (RL), ST (C)
Richard Yarsuvat fm 2019 Richard YarsuvatST (C)
Anton Cajtoft fm 2019 Anton CajtoftGK
Alexander Jallow fm 2019 Alexander JallowD/WB (RL)
Anton Wede fm 2019 Anton WedeM (RLC), AM (L)
Christoffer Carlsson fm 2019 Christoffer CarlssonM (RLC), AM (RC)
Karl Söderström fm 2019 Karl SöderströmM/AM (RL)
Marko Johansson fm 2019 Marko JohanssonGK
Gabriel Gudmundsson fm 2019 Gabriel GudmundssonM/AM (RL)
Anders Randrup fm 2019 Anders RandrupD/WB (R)
Max Svensson fm 2019 Max SvenssonM/AM (RL)
Adam Eriksson fm 2019 Adam ErikssonD (L)
Wanderson fm 2019 WandersonAM (L), ST (C)
Alexander Farnerud fm 2019 Alexander FarnerudM/AM (C)
Ivo Pekalski fm 2019 Ivo PekalskiDM, M (C)
David Engström fm 2019 David EngströmD (C)
Jacob Ericsson fm 2019 Jacob EricssonD/WB/M (L)
Tobias Karlsson fm 2019 Tobias KarlssonD (RC)
Anel Raskaj fm 2019 Anel RaskajM/AM (C)
Sadat Karim fm 2019 Sadat KarimST (C)
Alexander Berntsson fm 2019 Alexander BerntssonD (C)
Jesper Westerberg fm 2019 Jesper WesterbergD (R)
Peter Larsson fm 2019 Peter LarssonD (C)
Andreas Landgren fm 2019 Andreas LandgrenD (R), DM, M (C)
Johan Persson fm 2019 Johan PerssonDM, M (C)
Robbin Sellin fm 2019 Robbin SellinD/WB (L), M/AM (RL)
Månz Karlsson fm 2019 Månz KarlssonD (C)
Marcus Mathisen fm 2019 Marcus MathisenD (C), DM, M (C)
Kadir Hodzic fm 2019 Kadir HodzicD/WB/M (L)
Pontus Silfwer fm 2019 Pontus SilfwerDM, M/AM (C)
Thomas Boakye fm 2019 Thomas BoakyeD/WB/M (RL)
Pedro Ribeiro fm 2019 Pedro RibeiroM/AM (C), ST (C)
Simon Nilsson fm 2019 Simon NilssonM (RLC), AM (RL)
Robin Östlind fm 2019 Robin ÖstlindM/AM (L)
Calle Johansson fm 2019 Calle JohanssonD (C)
Marcus Bergholtz fm 2019 Marcus BergholtzDM, M (C)
Nikola Asceric fm 2019 Nikola AscericST (C)



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