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FM 2019 Swedish Best Players Review, Profiles

Victor Lindelöf fm 2019 Victor LindelöfD (RC)
Emil Forsberg fm 2019 Emil ForsbergM (RL), AM (RLC)
Robin Olsen fm 2019 Robin OlsenGK
Pontus Jansson fm 2019 Pontus JanssonD (C)
Ludwig Augustinsson fm 2019 Ludwig AugustinssonD/WB (L)
Viktor Claesson fm 2019 Viktor ClaessonM (RL), AM (L)
Ken Sema fm 2019 Ken SemaM/AM (RL)
Albin Ekdal fm 2019 Albin EkdalDM, M (C)
Johan Larsson fm 2019 Johan LarssonD/WB/M (R)
Oscar Hiljemark fm 2019 Oscar HiljemarkDM, M/AM (C)
Jakob Johansson fm 2019 Jakob JohanssonDM, M (C)
Sam Larsson fm 2019 Sam LarssonM (L), AM (LC)
John Guidetti fm 2019 John GuidettiST (C)
Marcus Berg fm 2019 Marcus BergST (C)
Jimmy Durmaz fm 2019 Jimmy DurmazM (L), AM (LC)
Robin Quaison fm 2019 Robin QuaisonM/AM (C), ST (C)
Isaac Kiese Thelin fm 2019 Isaac Kiese ThelinST (C)
Isaac Kiese Thelin fm 2019 Isaac Kiese ThelinST (C)
Mikael Ishak fm 2019 Mikael IshakST (C)
Filip Helander fm 2019 Filip HelanderD (C)
Emil Krafth fm 2019 Emil KrafthD/WB (R)
Karl-Johan Johnsson fm 2019 Karl-Johan JohnssonGK
Niclas Eliasson fm 2019 Niclas EliassonM/AM (RL)
Kristoffer Nordfeldt fm 2019 Kristoffer NordfeldtGK
Emil Krafth fm 2019 Emil KrafthD/WB (R)
Mattias Svanberg fm 2019 Mattias SvanbergM/AM (C)
Magnus Eriksson fm 2019 Magnus ErikssonM/AM (R), ST (C)
Alexander Isak fm 2019 Alexander IsakST (C)
Viktor Gyökeres fm 2019 Viktor GyökeresAM (RL), ST (C)
Simon Gustafson fm 2019 Simon GustafsonM/AM (C)
Alexander Milosevic fm 2019 Alexander MilosevicD (C)
Nahir Besara fm 2019 Nahir BesaraAM (C)
Martin Olsson fm 2019 Martin OlssonD/WB (L)
Kristoffer Olsson fm 2019 Kristoffer OlssonM/AM (C)
Kristoffer Peterson fm 2019 Kristoffer PetersonAM (RL)
Samuel Armenteros fm 2019 Samuel ArmenterosST (C)
Marcus Rohdén fm 2019 Marcus RohdénDM, M (RC)
Samuel Armenteros fm 2019 Samuel ArmenterosST (C)
Branimir Hrgota fm 2019 Branimir HrgotaM/AM (R), ST (C)
Kerim Mrabti fm 2019 Kerim MrabtiM (C), AM (RC)

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