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FM 2019 Argentine Best Players Review, Profiles

Lionel Messi fm 2019 Lionel MessiAM (RC), ST (C)
Sergio Agüero fm 2019 Sergio AgüeroAM (C), ST (C)
Paulo Dybala fm 2019 Paulo DybalaAM (RC), ST (C)
Mauro Icardi fm 2019 Mauro IcardiST (C)
Gonzalo Higuaín fm 2019 Gonzalo HiguaínST (C)
Gonzalo Higuaín fm 2019 Gonzalo HiguaínST (C)
Nicolás Otamendi fm 2019 Nicolás OtamendiD (C)
Ángel Di María fm 2019 Ángel Di MaríaM (LC), AM (RLC)
Ángel Correa fm 2019 Ángel CorreaAM (RLC), ST (C)
Éver Banega fm 2019 Éver BanegaDM, M/AM (C)
Ezequiel Lavezzi fm 2019 Ezequiel LavezziAM (RLC), ST (C)
Federico Fazio fm 2019 Federico FazioD (C)
Javier Pastore fm 2019 Javier PastoreM (C), AM (LC)
Ezequiel Garay fm 2019 Ezequiel GarayD (C)
Franco Vázquez fm 2019 Franco VázquezM/AM (C)
Javier Mascherano fm 2019 Javier MascheranoD (C), DM, M (C)
Agustín Marchesín fm 2019 Agustín MarchesínGK
Alejandro Gómez fm 2019 Alejandro GómezAM (LC), ST (C)
Diego Perotti fm 2019 Diego PerottiM (L), AM (RLC)
Lucas Biglia fm 2019 Lucas BigliaDM, M (C)
Roberto Pereyra fm 2019 Roberto PereyraM/AM (RLC)
Franco Armani fm 2019 Franco ArmaniGK
Gabriel Mercado fm 2019 Gabriel MercadoD (RC)
Guido Pizarro fm 2019 Guido PizarroDM, M (C)
Cristian Pavón fm 2019 Cristian PavónM (L), AM (RL)
Joaquín Correa fm 2019 Joaquín CorreaM (L), AM (LC)
Lautaro Martínez fm 2019 Lautaro MartínezST (C)
Walter Kannemann fm 2019 Walter KannemannD (LC)
Gerónimo Rulli fm 2019 Gerónimo RulliGK
Giovanni Simeone fm 2019 Giovanni SimeoneST (C)
Leandro Paredes fm 2019 Leandro ParedesDM, M (C)
Nahuel Guzmán fm 2019 Nahuel GuzmánGK
Marcelo Barovero fm 2019 Marcelo BaroveroGK
Gonzalo Martínez fm 2019 Gonzalo MartínezM (L), AM (RL)
Darío Benedetto fm 2019 Darío BenedettoST (C)
Lautaro Acosta fm 2019 Lautaro AcostaM/AM (RL), ST (C)
Germán Pezzella fm 2019 Germán PezzellaD (C)
Erik Lamela fm 2019 Erik LamelaAM (RLC)
Giovani Lo Celso fm 2019 Giovani Lo CelsoDM, M (LC), AM (C)
Pablo Piatti fm 2019 Pablo PiattiM (L), AM (RLC)

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