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FM 2019 National League Best Players Review, Profiles

Adam Rooney fm 2019 Adam RooneyST (C)
Reise Allassani fm 2019 Reise AllassaniAM (RC), ST (C)
Macauley Bonne fm 2019 Macauley BonneAM (RL), ST (C)
Danny Rowe fm 2019 Danny RoweST (C)
Ellery Balcombe fm 2019 Ellery BalcombeGK
Rory Gaffney fm 2019 Rory GaffneyAM (R), ST (C)
Danny Lloyd fm 2019 Danny LloydM (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C)
Regan Booty fm 2019 Regan BootyDM, M (LC)
Rekeil Pyke fm 2019 Rekeil PykeST (C)
Tyler Smith fm 2019 Tyler SmithST (C)
Will Mannion fm 2019 Will MannionGK
Justin Shaibu fm 2019 Justin ShaibuAM (R), ST (C)
Josh Umerah fm 2019 Josh UmerahST (C)
Danny Kane fm 2019 Danny KaneD (C)
Craig Eastmond fm 2019 Craig EastmondDM, M (C)
Jordan Maguire-Drew fm 2019 Jordan Maguire-DrewM/AM (RL), ST (C)
Richard Brindley fm 2019 Richard BrindleyD/WB/M (R)
Chris Neal fm 2019 Chris NealGK
Tom Walker fm 2019 Tom WalkerWB/M (L)
Zavon Hines fm 2019 Zavon HinesAM (R), ST (C)
Corey Whitely fm 2019 Corey WhitelyAM (RLC), ST (C)
Luke Armstrong fm 2019 Luke ArmstrongST (C)
Freddie Hinds fm 2019 Freddie HindsST (C)
Luke Burke fm 2019 Luke BurkeD (RC)
Marvin Ekpiteta fm 2019 Marvin EkpitetaD (C)
Harry Beautyman fm 2019 Harry BeautymanM (C)
Joe Rowley fm 2019 Joe RowleyM/AM (C)
Ángelo Balanta fm 2019 Ángelo BalantaAM (C), ST (C)
Carl Magnay fm 2019 Carl MagnayD (RC)
Josh Coulson fm 2019 Josh CoulsonD (C)
Jamey Osborne fm 2019 Jamey OsborneM (RC)
Adam McDonnell fm 2019 Adam McDonnellDM, M (C)
Shaquile Coulthirst fm 2019 Shaquile CoulthirstAM (L), ST (C)
Jacob Blyth fm 2019 Jacob BlythST (C)
Keiran Murtagh fm 2019 Keiran MurtaghM (C)
Danny Philliskirk fm 2019 Danny PhilliskirkAM (RLC), ST (C)
Liam Noble fm 2019 Liam NobleM (C)
Luke James fm 2019 Luke JamesAM (R), ST (C)
Dale Gorman fm 2019 Dale GormanM (C)
Aaron Drinan fm 2019 Aaron DrinanAM (R), ST (C)
Ricardo Santos fm 2019 Ricardo SantosD (C)
Wayne Brown fm 2019 Wayne BrownM (C)
Luke Summerfield fm 2019 Luke SummerfieldM (C)
Michael Cheek fm 2019 Michael CheekST (C)
Dan Wishart fm 2019 Dan WishartD/WB/M (L), AM (RL)
Greg Olley fm 2019 Greg OlleyM/AM (C)
Tom Bolarinwa fm 2019 Tom BolarinwaM (R), AM (RL)
Rob Lainton fm 2019 Rob LaintonGK
Ashley Hemmings fm 2019 Ashley HemmingsM/AM (RL)
Dale Bennett fm 2019 Dale BennettD/WB (R)

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