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FM 2019 League One Best Players Review, Profiles

Danny Rose fm 2019 Danny RoseD/WB/M (L)
Karlan Grant fm 2019 Karlan GrantST (C)
Lamine Koné fm 2019 Lamine KonéD (C)
Josh Cullen fm 2019 Josh CullenM (C)
Jake Hesketh fm 2019 Jake HeskethM/AM (C)
Marcus Browne fm 2019 Marcus BrowneM (C), AM (RLC)
Krystian Bielik fm 2019 Krystian BielikD (C), DM
Bryan Oviedo fm 2019 Bryan OviedoD/WB/M (L)
Dujon Sterling fm 2019 Dujon SterlingD (RC), WB/M/AM (R)
Jack Payne fm 2019 Jack PayneM/AM (RLC)
Liam Boyce fm 2019 Liam BoyceST (C)
Joe Mason fm 2019 Joe MasonAM (C), ST (C)
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson fm 2019 Cameron Borthwick-JacksonD (LC)
Herbie Kane fm 2019 Herbie KaneDM, M (C)
Lyle Taylor fm 2019 Lyle TaylorAM (R), ST (C)
Cauley Woodrow fm 2019 Cauley WoodrowST (C)
Graham Carey fm 2019 Graham CareyM/AM (RLC)
Matt Clarke fm 2019 Matt ClarkeD (LC)
Andre Green fm 2019 Andre GreenM (L), AM (RL)
Josh Maja fm 2019 Josh MajaST (C)
Jake Forster-Caskey fm 2019 Jake Forster-CaskeyDM, M (C)
Dylan McGeouch fm 2019 Dylan McGeouchDM, M (C)
Conor McAleny fm 2019 Conor McAlenyM (L), AM (RL), ST (C)
Marcus Maddison fm 2019 Marcus MaddisonM/AM (RL)
Lee Cattermole fm 2019 Lee CattermoleDM, M (C)
Brad Potts fm 2019 Brad PottsM/AM (RC)
Alex Mowatt fm 2019 Alex MowattM (LC), AM (C)
Mamadou Thiam fm 2019 Mamadou ThiamAM (RL), ST (C)
Kieffer Moore fm 2019 Kieffer MooreST (C)
Lucas Akins fm 2019 Lucas AkinsD/WB/M/AM (R), ST (C)
John Brayford fm 2019 John BrayfordD (RC), WB (R)
Lewie Coyle fm 2019 Lewie CoyleD/WB/M (R)
Tom Naylor fm 2019 Tom NaylorD (C), DM, M (C)
Jamal Lowe fm 2019 Jamal LoweAM (RL), ST (C)
Lynden Gooch fm 2019 Lynden GoochM (R), AM (RC)
Max Power fm 2019 Max PowerM/AM (C)
Liam Lindsay fm 2019 Liam LindsayD (C)
Ethan Pinnock fm 2019 Ethan PinnockD (C)
Matt Macey fm 2019 Matt MaceyGK
Jack Whatmough fm 2019 Jack WhatmoughD (C)
Tom Bradshaw fm 2019 Tom BradshawST (C)
Ben Reeves fm 2019 Ben ReevesAM (LC)
James Husband fm 2019 James HusbandD/WB/M (L)
Cameron Brannagan fm 2019 Cameron BrannaganDM, M/AM (C)
Jason Cummings fm 2019 Jason CummingsAM (C), ST (C)
Josh Morris fm 2019 Josh MorrisM/AM (RL)
George Honeyman fm 2019 George HoneymanM (RL), AM (C)
Scott Fraser fm 2019 Scott FraserM/AM (C)
Marek Stech fm 2019 Marek StechGK
Ricky Holmes fm 2019 Ricky HolmesM (L), AM (RLC)

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