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FM 2019 Scottish Best Players Review, Profiles

Andrew Robertson fm 2019 Andrew RobertsonD/WB (L)
Matt Ritchie fm 2019 Matt RitchieM/AM (RL)
Ryan Fraser fm 2019 Ryan FraserM/AM (RL)
Tom Cairney fm 2019 Tom CairneyM/AM (C)
Stuart Armstrong fm 2019 Stuart ArmstrongM/AM (C)
Matt Phillips fm 2019 Matt PhillipsWB/M/AM (R)
Callum McGregor fm 2019 Callum McGregorDM, M/AM (LC)
Kieran Tierney fm 2019 Kieran TierneyD (LC), WB (L)
James McArthur fm 2019 James McArthurDM, M (C)
Scott McTominay fm 2019 Scott McTominayM (C)
Robert Snodgrass fm 2019 Robert SnodgrassM (RL), AM (RLC)
James Forrest fm 2019 James ForrestM/AM (R)
Leigh Griffiths fm 2019 Leigh GriffithsST (C)
Oliver McBurnie fm 2019 Oliver McBurnieST (C)
Scott Brown fm 2019 Scott BrownDM, M (C)
Callum Paterson fm 2019 Callum PatersonD/WB (R), M/AM (RC)
Scott McKenna fm 2019 Scott McKennaD (C)
John McGinn fm 2019 John McGinnDM, M/AM (C)
Kevin McDonald fm 2019 Kevin McDonaldDM, M (C)
John Fleck fm 2019 John FleckDM, M (C)
Ryan Christie fm 2019 Ryan ChristieM/AM (RLC)
Graeme Shinnie fm 2019 Graeme ShinnieD/WB (L), DM, M (C)
Liam Cooper fm 2019 Liam CooperD (C)
Ryan Jack fm 2019 Ryan JackDM, M (C)
Oliver Burke fm 2019 Oliver BurkeM/AM (RL)
Barry Bannan fm 2019 Barry BannanDM, M (RLC)
Jamie Murphy fm 2019 Jamie MurphyM/AM (RL)
Phil Bardsley fm 2019 Phil BardsleyD (RL)
Stephen O'Donnell fm 2019 Stephen O'DonnellD/WB (R)
Johnny Russell fm 2019 Johnny RussellAM (RL)
Barrie McKay fm 2019 Barrie McKayAM (RLC)
John Souttar fm 2019 John SouttarD (RC)
Charlie Mulgrew fm 2019 Charlie MulgrewD (C)
Grant Hanley fm 2019 Grant HanleyD (C)
Barry Douglas fm 2019 Barry DouglasD/WB (L)
Jordan Rhodes fm 2019 Jordan RhodesST (C)
Jordan Rhodes fm 2019 Jordan RhodesST (C)
Liam Bridcutt fm 2019 Liam BridcuttDM, M (C)
Paul Coutts fm 2019 Paul CouttsDM, M (RC)
Steven Fletcher fm 2019 Steven FletcherST (C)

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