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FM 2019 Portuguese Best Players Review, Profiles

Cristiano Ronaldo fm 2019 Cristiano RonaldoAM (RL), ST (C)
Bernardo Silva fm 2019 Bernardo SilvaM/AM (RC)
João Cancelo fm 2019 João CanceloD/WB/M/AM (R)
João Moutinho fm 2019 João MoutinhoM/AM (C)
Rui Patrício fm 2019 Rui PatrícioGK
Rúben Neves fm 2019 Rúben NevesDM, M (C)
Diogo Jota fm 2019 Diogo JotaAM (LC), ST (C)
Ricardo Pereira fm 2019 Ricardo PereiraD/WB/AM (R)
Bruno Fernandes fm 2019 Bruno FernandesM/AM (C)
Rony Lopes fm 2019 Rony LopesM (RL), AM (RLC)
Anthony Lopes fm 2019 Anthony LopesGK
Danilo Pereira fm 2019 Danilo PereiraDM, M (C)
Pizzi fm 2019 PizziM (C), AM (RLC)
Gelson Martins fm 2019 Gelson MartinsAM (RL)
Adrien Silva fm 2019 Adrien SilvaDM, M (C)
Ivan Cavaleiro fm 2019 Ivan CavaleiroAM (RL)
Rúben Dias fm 2019 Rúben DiasD (C)
Rafa fm 2019 RafaAM (RLC)
Hélder Costa fm 2019 Hélder CostaAM (RL)
William Carvalho fm 2019 William CarvalhoDM
Gonçalo Guedes fm 2019 Gonçalo GuedesM/AM (RL), ST (C)
João Mário fm 2019 João MárioM (RC), AM (C)
Raphaël Guerreiro fm 2019 Raphaël GuerreiroD/WB (L), M (LC), AM (L)
Diogo Dalot fm 2019 Diogo DalotD (RL), WB (R)
Mário Rui fm 2019 Mário RuiD/WB/M (L)
Cédric fm 2019 CédricD/WB (R)
Renato Sanches fm 2019 Renato SanchesDM, M/AM (C)
Nélson Semedo fm 2019 Nélson SemedoD/WB (R)
André Gomes fm 2019 André GomesM/AM (C)
André Gomes fm 2019 André GomesM/AM (C)
Dyego Sousa fm 2019 Dyego SousaST (C)
Bruma fm 2019 BrumaM (RL), AM (RLC)
André Silva fm 2019 André SilvaST (C)
André Silva fm 2019 André SilvaST (C)
Domingos Quina fm 2019 Domingos QuinaM (C), AM (RLC)
João Félix fm 2019 João FélixM (C), AM (RLC), ST (C)
Ricardo Horta fm 2019 Ricardo HortaM (L), AM (RL)
Gedson Fernandes fm 2019 Gedson FernandesM (C)
Fábio Coentrão fm 2019 Fábio CoentrãoD/WB/M (L), AM (R)
Rui Fonte fm 2019 Rui FonteAM (C), ST (C)

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