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FM 2019 Primera División Best Players Review, Profiles

Wílmar Barrios fm 2019 Wílmar BarriosDM
Franco Armani fm 2019 Franco ArmaniGK
Cristian Pavón fm 2019 Cristian PavónM (L), AM (RL)
Darío Benedetto fm 2019 Darío BenedettoST (C)
Martín Campaña fm 2019 Martín CampañaGK
Gonzalo Martínez fm 2019 Gonzalo MartínezM (L), AM (RL)
Lautaro Acosta fm 2019 Lautaro AcostaM/AM (RL), ST (C)
Juan Fernando Quintero fm 2019 Juan Fernando QuinteroM (RC), AM (RLC)
Lucas Pratto fm 2019 Lucas PrattoAM (RLC), ST (C)
Carlos Izquierdoz fm 2019 Carlos IzquierdozD (C)
Mauro Zárate fm 2019 Mauro ZárateAM (RLC), ST (C)
Diego González fm 2019 Diego GonzálezDM, M (C)
Nicolás Blandi fm 2019 Nicolás BlandiST (C)
Jonathan Maidana fm 2019 Jonathan MaidanaD (C)
Javier Pinola fm 2019 Javier PinolaD (LC)
Guido Herrera fm 2019 Guido HerreraGK
Matías Suárez fm 2019 Matías SuárezAM (RLC), ST (C)
Ramón Ábila fm 2019 Ramón ÁbilaST (C)
Edwin Cardona fm 2019 Edwin CardonaM/AM (LC)
Lisandro Magallán fm 2019 Lisandro MagallánD (C)
Pablo Hernández fm 2019 Pablo HernándezDM, M (C), AM (LC)
Marcelo Díaz fm 2019 Marcelo DíazDM, M (C)
Gonzalo Rodríguez fm 2019 Gonzalo RodríguezD (C)
Esteban Andrada fm 2019 Esteban AndradaGK
Santiago García fm 2019 Santiago GarcíaST (C)
Fabrizio Angileri fm 2019 Fabrizio AngileriD/WB/M/AM (L)
Maximiliano Meza fm 2019 Maximiliano MezaM (C), AM (RC)
Ricardo Centurión fm 2019 Ricardo CenturiónAM (RL)
Lisandro López fm 2019 Lisandro LópezST (C)
Pablo Guiñazú fm 2019 Pablo GuiñazúDM, M (C)
Carlos Tevez fm 2019 Carlos TevezAM (C), ST (C)
Emmanuel Gigliotti fm 2019 Emmanuel GigliottiST (C)
Matías Vargas fm 2019 Matías VargasM (L), AM (LC)
Gastón Giménez fm 2019 Gastón GiménezDM, M (C)
Fernando Gago fm 2019 Fernando GagoDM, M (RC)
Sebastián Villa fm 2019 Sebastián VillaAM (R), ST (C)
Silvio Romero fm 2019 Silvio RomeroST (C)
Martín Benítez fm 2019 Martín BenítezAM (RLC), ST (C)
Leandro Fernández fm 2019 Leandro FernándezST (C)
Nicolás Domingo fm 2019 Nicolás DomingoDM, M (C)
Eugenio Mena fm 2019 Eugenio MenaD/WB/M/AM (L)
Ignacio Fernández fm 2019 Ignacio FernándezM (RLC), AM (RL)
Leonardo Gil fm 2019 Leonardo GilDM, M (LC)
Luis Rodríguez fm 2019 Luis RodríguezAM (RC), ST (C)
Nahitan Nández fm 2019 Nahitan NándezM (C)
José Luis Gómez fm 2019 José Luis GómezD/WB (RL), M (R)
Guillermo Fernández fm 2019 Guillermo FernándezDM, M (RLC), AM (RC)
Leonardo Ponzio fm 2019 Leonardo PonzioDM, M (C)
Marco Ruben fm 2019 Marco RubenST (C)
Fabricio Coloccini fm 2019 Fabricio ColocciniD (C)



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