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FM 2019 Antiguan or Barbudan Best Players Review, Profiles

Mahlon Romeo fm 2019 Mahlon RomeoD/WB (R)
Josh Parker fm 2019 Josh ParkerAM (RLC), ST (C)
DJ Buffonge fm 2019 DJ BuffongeM (C), AM (LC)
Keiran Murtagh fm 2019 Keiran MurtaghM (C)
Zaine Francis-Angol fm 2019 Zaine Francis-AngolD (L)
Myles Weston fm 2019 Myles WestonM/AM (L)
Rhys Browne fm 2019 Rhys BrowneM/AM (RL)
Luther Wildin fm 2019 Luther WildinD (R), M (C)
Calaum Jahraldo-Martin fm 2019 Calaum Jahraldo-MartinM/AM (RL)
Marvin McCoy fm 2019 Marvin McCoyD/WB (R)
Zayn Hakeem fm 2019 Zayn HakeemM/AM (RL), ST (C)
TJ Bramble fm 2019 TJ BrambleDM, M (C)
Peter Byers fm 2019 Peter ByersST (C)

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