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FM 2019 Eliteserien Best Players Review, Profiles

André Hansen fm 2019 André HansenGK
Babacar Sarr fm 2019 Babacar SarrD (C), DM, M (C)
Eirik Hestad fm 2019 Eirik HestadDM, M (C), AM (RLC)
Pål André Helland fm 2019 Pål André HellandAM (R)
Tore Reginiussen fm 2019 Tore ReginiussenD (C)
Mike Jensen fm 2019 Mike JensenDM, M/AM (C)
Samuel Adegbenro fm 2019 Samuel AdegbenroAM (RL)
Birger Meling fm 2019 Birger MelingD/WB (L)
Anders Trondsen fm 2019 Anders TrondsenDM, M (C)
Anders Konradsen fm 2019 Anders KonradsenDM, M (C)
Issam Jebali fm 2019 Issam JebaliAM (RLC), ST (C)
Ohi Omoijuanfo fm 2019 Ohi OmoijuanfoAM (RL), ST (C)
Gjermund Åsen fm 2019 Gjermund ÅsenM/AM (LC)
Ruben Jenssen fm 2019 Ruben JenssenM (LC), AM (L)
Vegard Forren fm 2019 Vegard ForrenD (C)
Marcus Pedersen fm 2019 Marcus PedersenST (C)
Bismar Acosta fm 2019 Bismar AcostaD (C), DM
Sondre Rossbach fm 2019 Sondre RossbachGK
Nicklas Bendtner fm 2019 Nicklas BendtnerST (C)
Ifeanyi Mathew fm 2019 Ifeanyi MathewDM, M/AM (RC)
Magnus Wolff Eikrem fm 2019 Magnus Wolff EikremM (RLC), AM (C)
Andreas Linde fm 2019 Andreas LindeGK
Gilbert Koomson fm 2019 Gilbert KoomsonM (R), AM (RLC)
Fredrik Haugen fm 2019 Fredrik HaugenDM, M/AM (C)
Petter Strand fm 2019 Petter StrandD (R), WB (RL), M (RC)
Even Hovland fm 2019 Even HovlandD (C)
Mohammed Abu fm 2019 Mohammed AbuDM, M (C)
Vito Wormgoor fm 2019 Vito WormgoorD (C)
Ruben Gabrielsen fm 2019 Ruben GabrielsenD (RC)
Francisco Júnior fm 2019 Francisco JúniorM (C)
Daouda Bamba fm 2019 Daouda BambaAM (RL), ST (C)
Erling Håland fm 2019 Erling HålandST (C)
Sam Johnson fm 2019 Sam JohnsonST (C)
Amin Nouri fm 2019 Amin NouriD (R)
Adam Larsen Kwarasey fm 2019 Adam Larsen KwaraseyGK
Aliou Coly fm 2019 Aliou ColyD (RC), WB/M/AM (R)
Dan Peter Ulvestad fm 2019 Dan Peter UlvestadD (C), DM
Erling Knudtzon fm 2019 Erling KnudtzonM/AM (R), ST (C)
Elba Rashani fm 2019 Elba RashaniM/AM (RL)
Vegar Eggen Hedenstad fm 2019 Vegar Eggen HedenstadD/WB (RL)
Kristoffer Zachariassen fm 2019 Kristoffer ZachariassenM (RC), AM (C)
Luc Kassi fm 2019 Luc KassiM/AM (LC)
Lasse Nilsen fm 2019 Lasse NilsenD/WB/M/AM (L)
Taijo Teniste fm 2019 Taijo TenisteD (RL), WB (L), M (R)
Thomas Lehne Olsen fm 2019 Thomas Lehne OlsenAM (L), ST (C)
Steffen Hagen fm 2019 Steffen HagenD (C)
Yann-Erik de Lanlay fm 2019 Yann-Erik de LanlayM (R), AM (RL)
Alexander Søderlund fm 2019 Alexander SøderlundST (C)
Marius Lundemo fm 2019 Marius LundemoDM, M (C)
Aleksandr Vasyutin fm 2019 Aleksandr VasyutinGK



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