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FM 2019 First Division Best Players Review, Profiles

Neil Farrugia fm 2019 Neil FarrugiaM/AM (RL)
Gary O'Neill fm 2019 Gary O'NeillM (C)
Mark Timlin fm 2019 Mark TimlinM/AM (L)
Conor Davis fm 2019 Conor DavisAM (RLC), ST (C)
Dylan McGlade fm 2019 Dylan McGladeM/AM (RL)
Paddy Kavanagh fm 2019 Paddy KavanaghM/AM (RL)
William Hondermarck fm 2019 William HondermarckM/AM (C)
Darren Meenan fm 2019 Darren MeenanM/AM (RL)
Dean Delany fm 2019 Dean DelanyGK
Keith Cowan fm 2019 Keith CowanD (C)
Conor Barry fm 2019 Conor BarryM (RL), AM (RLC)
Liam Scales fm 2019 Liam ScalesD (LC)
Derek Prendergast fm 2019 Derek PrendergastD (C)
John Kavanagh fm 2019 John KavanaghD/WB (R)
Lee Duffy fm 2019 Lee DuffyAM (L), ST (C)
Lorcan Fitzgerald fm 2019 Lorcan FitzgeraldD/M (L)
Greg Moorhouse fm 2019 Greg MoorhouseAM (R), ST (C)
David O'Sullivan fm 2019 David O'SullivanST (C)
Aodh Dervin fm 2019 Aodh DervinDM, M (C)
Jason McClelland fm 2019 Jason McClellandM/AM (L)
Daniel Byrne fm 2019 Daniel ByrneD (C), DM
Nathan Boyle fm 2019 Nathan BoyleAM (RC), ST (C)
Tadhg Ryan fm 2019 Tadhg RyanGK
Adam Evans fm 2019 Adam EvansAM (LC), ST (C)
James English fm 2019 James EnglishAM (R), ST (C)
Ciaran Gallagher fm 2019 Ciaran GallagherGK
Gareth Harkin fm 2019 Gareth HarkinDM, M (C)
Jacob Borg fm 2019 Jacob BorgD/WB (R), DM, M (C)
John O'Flynn fm 2019 John O'FlynnST (C)
Mark Doyle fm 2019 Mark DoyleM/AM (L)
Evan Osam fm 2019 Evan OsamD (L)
Karl Moore fm 2019 Karl MooreM (RLC), AM (RL)
Shane O'Connor fm 2019 Shane O'ConnorM/AM (C)
Conor Kane fm 2019 Conor KaneD (L)
Gary Shanahan fm 2019 Gary ShanahanD/WB/M/AM (R)
Dave Mulcahy fm 2019 Dave MulcahyD (RC)
Ryan Connolly fm 2019 Ryan ConnollyM/AM (C)
Dean Dillon fm 2019 Dean DillonAM (C), ST (C)
Daniel O'Reilly fm 2019 Daniel O'ReillyD (C)
Marty Waters fm 2019 Marty WatersAM (L), ST (C)
Paul Skinner fm 2019 Paul SkinnerGK
Stephen Walsh fm 2019 Stephen WalshD (LC), WB (L)
Robbie Williams fm 2019 Robbie WilliamsD (C), DM, M (C)
Sam Verdon fm 2019 Sam VerdonDM, M (C)
Mikey Place fm 2019 Mikey PlaceAM (C), ST (C)
Kealan Dillon fm 2019 Kealan DillonM (RC)
Ciaran Kelly fm 2019 Ciaran KellyD (C)
Marc Ludden fm 2019 Marc LuddenD/WB (L)
Shane Elworthy fm 2019 Shane ElworthyD/WB (R)
Josh Collins fm 2019 Josh CollinsD (C)



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