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FM 2019 FNL Best Players Review, Profiles

Tomas Holes fm 2019 Tomas HolesD/WB (R)
Jakub Fulnek fm 2019 Jakub FulnekAM (RL)
Martin Jindracek fm 2019 Martin JindracekAM (RLC), ST (C)
Jakub Prichystal fm 2019 Jakub PrichystalAM (RLC), ST (C)
Vojtech Hadascok fm 2019 Vojtech HadascokST (C)
Milan Lutonsky fm 2019 Milan LutonskyM/AM (L)
Peter Stepanovsky fm 2019 Peter StepanovskyD/WB/M/AM (RL)
Lukas Vrastil fm 2019 Lukas VrastilD (RC)
Ondrej Sukup fm 2019 Ondrej SukupD (RL), WB (R)
Petr Nerad fm 2019 Petr NeradM/AM (C)
Petr Nerad fm 2019 Petr NeradM/AM (C)
Robert Bartolomeu fm 2019 Robert BartolomeuM (R), AM (RL)
Chico fm 2019 ChicoD/WB (R)
Stanislav Klobasa fm 2019 Stanislav KlobasaAM (R), ST (C)
Michal Skoda fm 2019 Michal SkodaST (C)
Ondrej Machuca fm 2019 Ondrej MachucaDM
Martin Kouril fm 2019 Martin KourilD (C)
Petr Pavlik fm 2019 Petr PavlikD (C)
Robert Koval fm 2019 Robert KovalM (C), AM (RC)
Lukas Krystufek fm 2019 Lukas KrystufekD (C)
Jan Sedlak fm 2019 Jan SedlakD (C), DM
Jan Javurek fm 2019 Jan JavurekD/WB/M/AM (L)
Vaclav Vasicek fm 2019 Vaclav VasicekST (C)
Lukas Zoubele fm 2019 Lukas ZoubeleDM, M (C)
Petr Tlusty fm 2019 Petr TlustyD (RC)
David Stipek fm 2019 David StipekAM (RL)
Christian Frydek fm 2019 Christian FrydekM/AM (C)
Damian Baris fm 2019 Damian BarisDM, M (C)
Filip Havelka fm 2019 Filip HavelkaM (C)
Vladislav Levin fm 2019 Vladislav LevinDM, M (C)
Jakub Stochl fm 2019 Jakub StochlD (C)
Dusan Melicharek fm 2019 Dusan MelicharekGK
Jakub Sural fm 2019 Jakub SuralD (RC), WB (R)
Milan Cerny fm 2019 Milan CernyDM, M (C), AM (RLC)
Jan Mudra fm 2019 Jan MudraD (RLC), WB/M (L)
Milan Misun fm 2019 Milan MisunD (LC), WB (L)
Ladislav Krejci fm 2019 Ladislav KrejciM/AM (C)
Otto Urma fm 2019 Otto UrmaD (LC), WB (L)
Dominik Preisler fm 2019 Dominik PreislerD (LC), WB/M (L)
Fahrudin Gjurgjevic fm 2019 Fahrudin GjurgjevicM/AM (RL)
Stanislav Vavra fm 2019 Stanislav VavraAM (R), ST (C)
Milos Kopecny fm 2019 Milos KopecnyD/WB/M/AM (R)
Vojtech Engelman fm 2019 Vojtech EngelmanAM (RL)
Dominik Kriz fm 2019 Dominik KrizDM, M (C)
Jiri Janousek fm 2019 Jiri JanousekDM, M (C)
Musefiu Ashiru fm 2019 Musefiu AshiruM (RL), AM (RLC)
Ivo Taborsky fm 2019 Ivo TaborskyAM (L), ST (C)
David Vodrazka fm 2019 David VodrazkaM (C)
Petr Rybicka fm 2019 Petr RybickaST (C)
Petr Rybicka fm 2019 Petr RybickaST (C)

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