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FM 2019 Jupiler Pro League Best Players Review, Profiles

Wesley fm 2019 WesleyST (C)
Leander Dendoncker fm 2019 Leander DendonckerD (C), DM, M (C)
Hans Vanaken fm 2019 Hans VanakenM/AM (C)
Sander Berge fm 2019 Sander BergeDM, M/AM (C)
Ruud Vormer fm 2019 Ruud VormerDM, M (C)
Christian Luyindama fm 2019 Christian LuyindamaD (C), DM
Alejandro Pozuelo fm 2019 Alejandro PozueloDM, M/AM (C)
Lovre Kalinic fm 2019 Lovre KalinicGK
Leandro Trossard fm 2019 Leandro TrossardAM (RLC), ST (C)
Mbwana Samatta fm 2019 Mbwana SamattaST (C)
Mehdi Carcela fm 2019 Mehdi CarcelaM (RL), AM (RLC)
Paul-José Mpoku fm 2019 Paul-José MpokuAM (RLC)
Sven Kums fm 2019 Sven KumsDM, M (C)
Ruslan Malinovskyi fm 2019 Ruslan MalinovskyiDM, M/AM (C)
Gojko Cimirot fm 2019 Gojko CimirotDM, M (C)
Stefano Denswil fm 2019 Stefano DenswilD (C)
Arnaut Danjuma fm 2019 Arnaut DanjumaAM (RL)
Yûya Kubo fm 2019 Yûya KuboAM (C), ST (C)
Kara fm 2019 KaraD (C), DM
Adrien Trébel fm 2019 Adrien TrébelDM, M (RC)
Marvelous Nakamba fm 2019 Marvelous NakambaDM, M (C)
Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe fm 2019 Vadis Odjidja-OfoeM/AM (C)
Matej Mitrovic fm 2019 Matej MitrovicD (C)
Joseph Aidoo fm 2019 Joseph AidooD (C)
Arnaud Souquet fm 2019 Arnaud SouquetD/WB (R), M (RC)
Daniel Opare fm 2019 Daniel OpareD/WB (R), DM
Jelle Vossen fm 2019 Jelle VossenST (C)
Morteza Pouraliganji fm 2019 Morteza PouraliganjiD (C), DM, M (C)
Ivan Santini fm 2019 Ivan SantiniAM (RLC), ST (C)
Josué fm 2019 JosuéD (C)
Giorgi Chakvetadze fm 2019 Giorgi ChakvetadzeM (C), AM (LC)
Renaud Emond fm 2019 Renaud EmondAM (C), ST (C)
Maxime Lestienne fm 2019 Maxime LestienneAM (RLC), ST (C)
Moussa Djenepo fm 2019 Moussa DjenepoAM (RLC), ST (C)
Eugene Makarenko fm 2019 Eugene MakarenkoD (L), DM
Pieter Gerkens fm 2019 Pieter GerkensDM, M/AM (C)
Andy Najar fm 2019 Andy NajarD/WB (R), DM, M (RC), AM (R)
Uche Agbo fm 2019 Uche AgboDM, M (C)
Carlinhos fm 2019 CarlinhosM/AM (C)
Joakim Mæhle fm 2019 Joakim MæhleD/M/AM (R)
Guillermo Ochoa fm 2019 Guillermo OchoaGK
Brandon Mechele fm 2019 Brandon MecheleD (C)
Dieumerci Ndongala fm 2019 Dieumerci NdongalaAM (RLC), ST (C)
Brecht Dejaegere fm 2019 Brecht DejaegereDM, M (LC), AM (C)
Roman Bezus fm 2019 Roman BezusM/AM (C)
Konstantinos Laifis fm 2019 Konstantinos LaifisD (C), DM, M (C)
Theo Bongonda fm 2019 Theo BongondaM (RL), AM (RLC)
Dieumerci Mbokani fm 2019 Dieumerci MbokaniST (C)
Mats Rits fm 2019 Mats RitsDM, M (C)
Răzvan Marin fm 2019 Răzvan MarinM (C)

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