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Football Manager 2019 Time Machine | Year 2030

Name Value
Kylian Mbappé fm 2019 Kylian Mbappé M (R), AM (RLC), ST (C) € 97.0M
Pietro Pellegri fm 2019 Pietro Pellegri AM (RLC), ST (C) € 87.0M
João Félix fm 2019 João Félix M (C), AM (RLC), ST (C) € 84.0M
Jadon Sancho fm 2019 Jadon Sancho M (RL), AM (RLC) € 82.0M
Kai Havertz fm 2019 Kai Havertz M (RC), AM (C), ST (C) € 82.0M
Pelayo Morilla fm 2019 Pelayo Morilla M (LC), AM (RLC), ST (C) € 82.0M
Phil Foden fm 2019 Phil Foden M (C), AM (RC), ST (C) € 80.0M
Arne Maier fm 2019 Arne Maier DM, M/AM (C) € 77.0M
Justin Kluivert fm 2019 Justin Kluivert M (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C) € 77.0M
Facundo Colidio fm 2019 Facundo Colidio AM (LC), ST (C) € 77.0M
Robert Navarro fm 2019 Robert Navarro M (C), AM (LC), ST (C) € 76.0M
Moise Kean fm 2019 Moise Kean AM (RLC), ST (C) € 76.0M
Reiss Nelson fm 2019 Reiss Nelson D/WB/M (R), AM (RLC) € 75.0M
Joshua Zirkzee fm 2019 Joshua Zirkzee AM (RLC), ST (C) € 75.0M
Oliver Batista Meier fm 2019 Oliver Batista Meier M (RL), AM (RLC) € 74.0M
Matteo Guendouzi fm 2019 Matteo Guendouzi DM, M (C) € 73.0M
Marcus Rashford fm 2019 Marcus Rashford AM (RLC), ST (C) € 72.0M
Mickaël Cuisance fm 2019 Mickaël Cuisance DM, M/AM (C) € 72.0M
Erling Håland fm 2019 Erling Håland AM (RLC), ST (C) € 72.0M
Sandro Tonali fm 2019 Sandro Tonali D (C), DM € 72.0M
Fiete Arp fm 2019 Fiete Arp AM (RLC), ST (C) € 72.0M
Dayot Upamecano fm 2019 Dayot Upamecano D (C), DM € 72.0M
Matthijs de Ligt fm 2019 Matthijs de Ligt D (C), DM € 72.0M
Elias Abouchabaka fm 2019 Elias Abouchabaka M/AM (LC), ST (C) € 71.0M
Jérémy Doku fm 2019 Jérémy Doku M/AM (L) € 71.0M
Federico Chiesa fm 2019 Federico Chiesa M (RC), AM (RLC) € 70.0M
Lee Kangin fm 2019 Lee Kangin M/AM (LC), ST (C) € 69.0M
Gedson Fernandes fm 2019 Gedson Fernandes D/M (C) € 69.0M
Marcos Paulo fm 2019 Marcos Paulo M (C), AM (LC) € 69.0M
Josha Vagnoman fm 2019 Josha Vagnoman D/WB (RL) € 69.0M
Nicolò Zaniolo fm 2019 Nicolò Zaniolo D/M/AM (C) € 69.0M
João Pedro fm 2019 João Pedro AM (RLC), ST (C) € 69.0M
Vinícius Júnior fm 2019 Vinícius Júnior M/AM (L) € 67.0M
Willem Geubbels fm 2019 Willem Geubbels AM (RLC), ST (C) € 67.0M
Paulinho fm 2019 Paulinho M/AM (RL), ST (C) € 67.0M
Rodrygo fm 2019 Rodrygo M/AM (L) € 64.0M
Lucas Paquetá fm 2019 Lucas Paquetá M/AM (C), ST (C) € 62.0M
Jean-Manuel Mbom fm 2019 Jean-Manuel Mbom DM, M/AM (C) € 62.0M
Marco Varnier fm 2019 Marco Varnier D (C), DM € 62.0M
Thiago Almada fm 2019 Thiago Almada M (C), AM (LC), ST (C) € 61.0M