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Dinamo FM 2019 Players Review, Profiles

Arijan Ademi fm 2019 Arijan AdemiDM, M (C)
Mario Gavranovic fm 2019 Mario GavranovicAM (C), ST (C)
Dani Olmo fm 2019 Dani OlmoM (C), AM (LC)
Dominik Livakovic fm 2019 Dominik LivakovicGK
Lovro Majer fm 2019 Lovro MajerM/AM (C)
Mislav Orsic fm 2019 Mislav OrsicAM (LC), ST (C)
Emir Dilaver fm 2019 Emir DilaverD (RC), DM
Kévin Théophile-Catherine fm 2019 Kévin Théophile-CatherineD (RC)
Nikola Moro fm 2019 Nikola MoroDM, M (C)
Damian Kadzior fm 2019 Damian KadziorM/AM (RC)
Izet Hajrovic fm 2019 Izet HajrovicM/AM (RL)
Amer Gojak fm 2019 Amer GojakM/AM (C)
Bruno Petkovic fm 2019 Bruno PetkovicST (C)
Ivan Sunjic fm 2019 Ivan SunjicDM, M (C)
Tongo Doumbia fm 2019 Tongo DoumbiaDM, M (C)
Ante Majstorovic fm 2019 Ante MajstorovicD (RC), DM
Marin Leovac fm 2019 Marin LeovacD/WB (L)
Marko Leskovic fm 2019 Marko LeskovicD (C)
Amir Rrahmani fm 2019 Amir RrahmaniD (RLC)
Danijel Zagorac fm 2019 Danijel ZagoracGK
Mario Situm fm 2019 Mario SitumM (R), AM (RL)
Dino Peric fm 2019 Dino PericD (C)
Luka Menalo fm 2019 Luka MenaloAM (RL), ST (C)
Jan Lecjaks fm 2019 Jan LecjaksD/WB/M (L)
Sadegh Moharrami fm 2019 Sadegh MoharramiD (R)
Petar Stojanovic fm 2019 Petar StojanovicD/WB (R)
Bojan Knezevic fm 2019 Bojan KnezevicDM, M (C)
Adrian Semper fm 2019 Adrian SemperGK
Alexandru Matel fm 2019 Alexandru MatelD (RL)
Vinko Soldo fm 2019 Vinko SoldoD (C)
Neven Djurasek fm 2019 Neven DjurasekDM, M (C)
Ivan Bozic fm 2019 Ivan BozicST (C)
Mario Musa fm 2019 Mario MusaD/WB/M (L)
Marko Gjira fm 2019 Marko GjiraD (L), DM
Karlo Plantak fm 2019 Karlo PlantakDM
Endri Çekiçi fm 2019 Endri ÇekiçiAM (RL)
Borna Petrovic fm 2019 Borna PetrovicST (C)
Dinko Horkas fm 2019 Dinko HorkasGK
Matija Fintic fm 2019 Matija FinticAM (C)
Mario Cuze fm 2019 Mario CuzeAM (RL), ST (C)
Borna Miklic fm 2019 Borna MiklicST (C)
Borna Borovec fm 2019 Borna BorovecDM, M (C)
Tomislav Barisic fm 2019 Tomislav BarisicD/WB (R)
Jakov Gogic fm 2019 Jakov GogicD (L)
Petar Cuic fm 2019 Petar CuicD (C)
Mario Budimir fm 2019 Mario BudimirST (C)
Roko Baturina fm 2019 Roko BaturinaST (C)
Tom Alen Tolic fm 2019 Tom Alen TolicDM, M (C)
Jakov Biljan fm 2019 Jakov BiljanDM, M (C)
Tomislav Knezevic fm 2019 Tomislav KnezevicAM (C)
Ajdin Hasic fm 2019 Ajdin HasicAM (RC)
Alen Jurilj fm 2019 Alen JuriljAM (RL), ST (C)
Josip Calusic fm 2019 Josip CalusicD (C)
Mario Vasilj fm 2019 Mario VasiljM/AM (R), ST (C)
Hrvoje Dzijan fm 2019 Hrvoje DzijanD (C)
Tomislav Krizmanic fm 2019 Tomislav KrizmanicAM (C)
Dominik Perkovic fm 2019 Dominik PerkovicD/WB (R)
Mihael Briski fm 2019 Mihael BriskiD (C)
Luka Pavlak fm 2019 Luka PavlakM/AM (C)
Edin Julardzija fm 2019 Edin JulardzijaM/AM (C)
Josko Gvardiol fm 2019 Josko GvardiolD (LC)
Tin Hrvoj fm 2019 Tin HrvojD (R)
Renato Josipovic fm 2019 Renato JosipovicGK
Leon Ernst-Habib fm 2019 Leon Ernst-HabibM/AM (C)
Lovro Juric fm 2019 Lovro JuricGK
Kim Hyun-Woo fm 2019 Kim Hyun-WooD (C), DM
Luka Jelenic fm 2019 Luka JelenicD (C)
Filip Tomaskovic fm 2019 Filip TomaskovicD (R)
Dominik Resetar fm 2019 Dominik ResetarST (C)
Mato Stanic fm 2019 Mato StanicDM, M (C)
Petar Mikulic fm 2019 Petar MikulicD/M (L)
Kim Kyu-Hyung fm 2019 Kim Kyu-HyungAM (R)
Vedad Radonja fm 2019 Vedad RadonjaD (R)
Niko Jankovic fm 2019 Niko JankovicAM (LC)
Lovro Anic fm 2019 Lovro AnicDM, M (C)
Trojan Maloku fm 2019 Trojan MalokuD/M/AM (R)
Omar Kocar fm 2019 Omar KocarDM
Ivo Glavas fm 2019 Ivo GlavasD (C)
Tomislav Stilinovic fm 2019 Tomislav StilinovicGK
Jurica Jurcec fm 2019 Jurica JurcecST (C)
Ilan Pejic fm 2019 Ilan PejicAM (RC)
Fran Tomek fm 2019 Fran TomekDM, M (C)
Tino Agic fm 2019 Tino AgicD (C)
Nikola Pavlovic fm 2019 Nikola PavlovicST (C)
Ivijan Svrznjak fm 2019 Ivijan SvrznjakST (C)
Ivica Vidovic fm 2019 Ivica VidovicM/AM (C)
Luka Jancic fm 2019 Luka JancicAM (RL), ST (C)
Ivan Kukrika fm 2019 Ivan KukrikaM/AM (C)
Ivan Brkic fm 2019 Ivan BrkicST (C)
Patrik Braun fm 2019 Patrik BraunD (C)



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